Vatican Museums
Food & Drinks

Eating inside the Vatican Museums

The consumption of food is not allowed within the exhibition rooms and galleries. Visitors are encouraged to make use of the designated areas for eating, such as the cafeteria or the restaurant.

Drinking inside the Vatican Museums

Carrying water is essential, especially during the warmer months. Visitors are allowed to carry water bottles inside the museums; however, drinking should be done with the utmost care to avoid spillage near any artworks or historical artifacts.

Inside the Sistine Chapel

While in the Sistine Chapel, no eating or drinking is permitted, and visitors must follow the sacred nature of the site. This includes adhering to a dress code that forbids sleeveless and low-cut garments, shorts above the knee, miniskirts, and hats

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Onsite dining and snacks

The Vatican Museums offer several cafeteria options for those looking to grab a quick snack or enjoy a more relaxed lunch. The Self Service cafeteria provides dishes for all ages, while the Pinecone Courtyard Bistrot houses an actual restaurant with a variety of menu items, including salads and other light fare.

According to the reviews, the museum's cafeteria may offer a less favorable dining experience, whereas the restaurant in the courtyard is noted for its good food, including salads and other light fare. It's advisable to check the opening times as they might vary.

For those interested in experiencing local cuisine, onsite dining establishments serve traditional Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, and secondo, a term used for the main course. Fruit and cheese options are also typically available, allowing visitors to enjoy a taste of Italy inside the museums.

Other options and extra tips

Nearby dining options

Stepping outside the museum, the surrounding neighborhood of Rome and nearby Vatican City is dotted with restaurants, cafés, and bars offering a range of dining experiences. For a more substantial meal such as dinner or an aperitif, the vibrant district of Testaccio is renowned for its local cuisine, including classic Roman pizzas and pasta dishes.

Dietary considerations

Catering to a variety of dietary restrictions, both the cafeteria and local eateries often offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Visitors with food allergies should communicate their needs to dining staff, who are typically accommodating and knowledgeable about ingredients.

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